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Cinema Solution

Welcome in the fascinating world of Entertainment Industry and your ultimate destination for making dream project of setting up a Cinema/ movie theater in your area. We at G.E.Automation believe in profound principles of planned approach in availing the best business results for our clientele.Setting up a Cinema/ Movie Theater in early 1950s remained a Premium Sector Service offering perspective.

India has revolutionised in last few decades and technology has ushered new dawn for Entertainment Industry to grow manifold with rising focus on entertainment as key element in social life. We at Cinema world are glad to pioneer in standardising, simplifying and modernise this entertainment industry arena with our set of offerings. We offer following services in setting up a Cinema Theater:

Design and Construction : Building Architecture is the most important and vital element of this entire setup. Modernised Building Architecture, plush interior look, glamourous eye-catching colour schemes, kids friendly areas, waiting lounge with cheerful ambience, ample secured in-house parking space are amongst various key elements that we look forward with utmost excitement as a viewer to avail the best of your feel.

Seating and Air-conditioning : A visitor spares 3+ hours in a cinema theater and hence it is really important that the seating arrangements and Air-conditioning of the entire cinema hall keeps clear focus on availing the best comfort and pleasant joy.

Seats are broadly categorised in fixed seats, push back seats, motorised recliner chairs/ sofa and we look forward to avail multiplex level comfort by offering best cushioned, PU foam chairs on lowest levels and have recliner sofa setup for royal treats.

Air conditioning is yet another enhancement aspect wherein you could offer Split, Cassette/ Ceiling or centralised air conditioning systems in your planned theater based on your budgets/ plan.

Screen : Technology has made a revolutionary change in screen viewing. We can choose from Silver Screen, White Screen, 3D Screens to project/ Cinema/ Movies in theater. Screen size can be best decided based on your Hall Size, Project room distance and various other aspects.

Projection : Showing Cinema in theaters demand dynamic understanding of changing life style and use of technology in showing the latest released movies at earliest span of time for getting best revenues. The super hit mantra of First day First show (FDFS) is practically possible now with use of Satellite project techniques. These project systems equally offers crystal clear picture viewing, excellent digital sound quality and light effects for uninteruppted joy of viewing cinema in theaters. We strongly recommend our prospective clients to adopt this ultra-modern technology tool for delivering latest pictures/ movies in their halls.

This technology has outdated traditional film based projector systems wherein one has to depend solely on prints and time taken to reach and again various quality concerns and resources requirement. Satellite projection cinema technology has equally reduced resource requirement to lowest extent.

Sound : Use of Dolby Processors, Amplifiers and best sound speakers for utter joy of best hearing quality is amongst most significant perspective to get your visitor enjoy the best of movie.