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Motorized Screen

Motorized projector screens offer both homes and businesses the flexibility to customize the installation to best suit their particular needs. First, screens in the Reference series are available with flush-mount and external mounting hardware. You can choose the best mounting, either in-ceiling flush, external ceiling, or external wall mounting. The mounting clips are also specially designed to allow for minute adjustments after installation, to ensure a perfect fit. External mounting options can also be enhanced with designer decorator plates, which allow you to customize the appearance of the chassis to perfectly match your interior design choices. You've got other options, as well, when installing a Reference model screen. Both IR and RF receivers and remotes are available to power your screen from a distance. Other options include screen color and gain, and, of course, size. You can also customize the black screen drop, from our standard 24 inch, to up to six feet to allow you to create the perfect viewing angle. You can also easily set and change where the upper and lower limit of screen extension are, to make deployment easier.