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Televisions & Video Systems

New Line Segments

We at G.E.Automation offer new dimension to your T.V. experience with New Line Segment T.V. Whether placed in residential environment or in commercial foyer this elegant and versatile complete T.V. system is sure to create an impact. The New Line Segment T.V. segment is a complete system with haramonic balance of beauty and technology. The New Line Segment T.V. segment offers the best picture quality which is combined with magic mirror which disappears completely when turned off. Whether recessed into the wall or hanged as a picture, the crisp and cool design of New Line Segment T.V. offers not only a modern and the elegant alternative to large size flat screen T.V. but also a sophisticated and decorative addition to any environment. The New Line Segment T.V. is available in several dimensions with 32", 37", 46", 65"& 82". We also give options to select in White Glass & Black Glass.

Furniture Rotation Line

G.E.Automation offers new segment in T.V. watching experience with its Furniture Rotation Line. Feel comfortable wherever you are just direct this versatile T.V. system your way i.e., front as well as back. The Furniture Rotation line is system with harmonious balance of beauty & elegance & technology. The unparalleled 270 degree rotation, slick glass surface of the front and back panels are all combined efforts offer best picture quality from any angle in your space in the most stylish way. These segment provides you the perfect fusion of high-end T.V. technology and functional furniture design. These segment is available in 32" screen size and with the option to choose from white and black glass panels.

Marble T.V.Line

With this new segment G.E.Automation redefines your bathroom wall. It offer the complete solution for the bathroom environment with fully integrated T.V. and invisible loudspeaker system. Receded into the wall and leveled with the bathroom tiles, this segment is custom engineered for the harsh & damp bathroom environment. It is protected against humidity by special casing, and is explicitly rated for operation in bathroom environments with the highest IP67 rating.

This segment of T.V. presents easy 30 minutes , three steps for installation which offers frame fitting and application prior to the installation of the actual Marble T.V.Line. These ensures bulk installation with minimum damage and time allocated for the installation. The unique engineering of the this segment is designed to allow easy access to the electronic components via front sided system architecture. This allows for any service that might required to make quickly and efficiently.

With the easy integration into the stone , marble or any other plate pattern surface and with the various glass option it looks a perfect incorporation into any existing look and interior design. In this segment the screen area is completely invisible when turned off leaving your environment with nothing but the a stylish mirror. This segment is offered with 17.3" diagonal LED panel and option to choose from crystal mirror, white glass, black glass and colorfull panels as per your specification.

Elegance Mirror T.V.Line

With the Elegance Mirror T.V.Line from G.E.Automation feel the freedom of watching you watch what you want, where you want to. This segment come in a complete sealed casing and configured as on wall solution for easy and flexible installation. This unique product is equipped with a wireless HDMI set which provides you with placing versatility like never before, regardless of cables, no walls destruction, no mess to be created. This system is a perfect match of any room which requires media boost from bathrooms to bedrooms, from kitchens to wardrobes, all with the ease of hanging picture. This perfect media solution for the room upgrade at zero mess features invisible Sound Through Glass Speaker Technology . This segment allows maximal reflection quality as well as maximal transparency at the image area which renders itself almost invisible when turned off. The system is offered with 22" LED TFT screen and with a Crystal Clear glass panel.