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Up-Coming Technology

New Line Segments

We at G.E.Automation offer new dimension to your T.V. experience with New Line Segment T.V. Whether placed in residential environment or in commercial foyer this elegant and versatile complete T.V. system is sure to create an impact. The New Line Segment T.V. segment is a complete system with harmonic balance of beauty and technology. The New Line Segment T.V. segment offers the best picture quality which is combined with magic mirror which disappears completely when turned off. Whether recessed into the wall or hanged as a picture, the crisp and cool design of New Line Segment T.V. offers not only a modern and the elegant alternative to large size flat screen T.V. but also a sophisticated and decorative addition to any environment. The New Line Segment T.V. is available in several dimensions with 32", 37", 46", 65"& 82". We also give options to select in White Glass & Black Glass.

Furniture Rotation Line

G.E.Automation offers new segment in T.V. watching experience with its Furniture Rotation Line. Feel comfortable wherever you are just direct this versatile T.V. system your way i.e., front as well as back. The Furniture Rotation line is system with harmonious balance of beauty & elegance & technology. The unparalleled 270 degree rotation, slick glass surface of the front and back panels are all combined efforts offer best picture quality from any angle in your space in the most stylish way. These segment provides you the perfect fusion of high-end T.V. technology and functional furniture design. These segment is available in 32" screen size and with the option to choose from white and black glass panels.